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Pvt. Kathryn A. Pramer





Writes to Parents of Christmas
Spent in WAC Rest Home

Clear Lake - Pvt. Kathryn A. Pramer, a WAC with the postal division of the army and now stationed in England, has written her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pramer, 617 E. Main street, of a visit made to Oxford, England, recently. She says:

"Now I have something to write about. Last week I went to Oxford for 7 days and had a wonderful time. It wasn't a furlough but what we call a rest leave. Don't get me wrong. I'm not sick or anything like that but everyone needs a rest now and then.

"The place we stayed is called the Rookerie. It's an old English home taken over by the army as a rest home for WACs. It is a grand old place sitting way back from the road in a beautiful garden. There are fireplaces in every room, which, of course, I loved. One almost needed a map to find his way around.

"We slept until 8 every morning and later if we wanted to miss breakfast. Instead of standing in chow line we were served and had linens, real china and silverware. Every night at 9:30 coffee was served in the lounge. It was the closest thing to home in the army.

"We made several trips in to Oxford. By the way, I love that place. Everything is so old. There is strictly an Old England atmosphere one can't help feeling and loving. We went to visit a hospital and talked to several of the wounded soldiers. One gave me a little dog he had made. They were swell. Some are coming back to the states and kept telling me about the fun they'd be having and all that. I had a good time with them. it is surprising how cheerful they are but they explained by saying they were lucky and that they got to rest and to talk to American girls and so they were happy.

"We were at the rest camp for Christmas and, honestly I almost thought that I was at home. We had turkey and everything. Dinner was at 2 and we had a buffet supper at 8:30. When we got up in the morning we found coffee and toast in the lounge where the Christmas tree was. You know how at home you always have breakfast around the tree. We had a movie in the afternoon and danced and played records in the evening."

Miss Pramer enlisted at San Diego, Cal., in April, 1943, and trained at Monticello, Ark., after which she was assigned to the postal service and sent to New York City. Later she went to Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., to train for overseas service and landed in England in March, 1944.

Source: The Globe Gazette, Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, Tuesday, February 13, 1945, Page 4

TO CAMP CARSON -- Pfc. Kathryn Pramer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pramer, 617 E. Main street, Clear Lake, left Friday for Camp Carson, Colo. to report for duty after spending a 30-day furlough at home. Pfc. Pramer spent 14 1/2 months overseas in the postal service, mostly in England, She was hospitalized at Camp Carson upon her return to the states.

Source: Mason City Globe-Gazette, June 22, 1945 (photo included)