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Lt. Marcella Pietig



Three Girls Are Called for Duty As Army Nurses

Misses Marcella Pietig, Alice O'Rourke and Mary McKenna, registered nurse and graduates of the St. Anthony Hospital school of Nursing, who enlisted as army nurses, have received their calls to report for duty at Ft. Des Moines Tuesday, April 13. They may be stationed there and they may be given other assignments.

The three, who are Red Cross nurses, entered the service through this organization.

Miss Pietig, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Pietig, has been working as a private duty nurse. Miss McKenna and Miss O'Rourke have both been employed at the St. Anthony Hospital, the former on general duty on the third floor and Miss O'Rourke, on general duty on the first floor, besides serving as part time supervisor at night.

Miss McKenna's home is at Storm Lake and Miss O'Rourke's at Sac City.

Source: Carroll Daily Times Herald, April 9, 1943 (individual photos included)

Lt. Marcella Pietig Arrives in New York; Soon To Be Released

Lieutenant Marcella Pietig, of the army nurses corps, called her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Pietig, from New York City Tuesday to tell them of her arrival from the European theater. She flew from Paris to New York landing there Tuesday noon.

Lt. Pietig said that she is going to Camp Sheridan, Ill., for discharge and expects to be home in about a week. She has been overseas nearly a year.

Source: Carroll Daily Times Herald, December 13, 1945