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Lt. Marjorie E. Miller



Maj. Floyd R Miller, recruiting officer stationed at the recruiting office in the Old Federal building, Thursday gave the oath of allegiance to the nurse corps to Marjorie E. Miller (left), 6406 S.W. Thirteenth st., and Freyda M. Whiting, Lanesboro, Ia. They will be second lieutenants to the air forces.

Two young Iowa women, with only 13 days difference in their ages and each with a brother in the army air forces, were sworn in as air corps nurses Thursday afternoon at the Red Cross headquarters, 321 Flynn building.

The new second lieutenants are Freyda M. Whiting, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Whiting of Lanesboro, Ia., and Marjorie E. Miller, daughter of Mrs. Cecil Miller, 6046 S.W. Thirteenth st., Des Moines. Both are 22 years in age.

Both were members of the Red Cross student reserve at Iowa Methodist hospital. They joined the army air corps Sept. 22, 1943 and were enrolled as Red Cross nurses, Nov. 27.

Miss Whiting has a twin brother, Pvt. (f.c.) Dellwyn Whiting, serving with the air forces at Truax field, Madison Wis. Her father, veteran of World War I, is overseas with the navy.

Miss Miller has two brothers in service, Lieut. Howard Warrell, a pilot stationed at Liberal Kan., entered the army the same day as Private Whiting, although they were not acquainted. Sergt. Gerald Miller is stationed with the air forces at Casper, Wyo.

The nurses report for duty Feb. 27 at Tucson, Arz.

Eighty-nine of the student nurse who will take their state board examinations this year are members of the student service. They have signed up for army or navy service and are subject to call as soon as they qualify.

Student nurses are enrolled in the reserve in their last half year or nursing school. The enrollments of those eligible for army or navy service are automatically turned over to the Red Cross reserve upon graduation.

Source: The Des Moines Register, February 11, 1944 (photo included)

Washington (AP)—The War Department announced today the promotion of seven Iowa officers, appointment of two and orders directing one to active duty.

Three were promoted from captain to major:
Dudley C. Gillette, Sig. C., Cedar Rapids;
Fred W. Sims, AC, Ottumwa;
George Katres, Sig. C., Sioux City.

Promoted from lieutenant to captain:
Norman C. Warner, OD, Clinton;
Henry E. Franken, CH, Sioux Center;
Elmer L. Patterson, CH, Winterset.

Clinton M. Miller, AC, Lorimor, was promoted from second to first lieutenant.

Marjorie E. Miller, Des Moines, and Freyda M. Whiting, Lanesboro, were appointed second lieutenants in the army nurse corps.

Second Lt. Max Laverne Peters, AUS, Ottumwa, was ordered to active duty.

Source: Carroll Daily Times Herald, Thursday, March 30, 1944