Scott County

Lt. Laura Louise Leake



Laura Leake Enlists In Army Nurse Corps

Miss Laura Louise Leake, a member of the operating room staff of Mercy hospital for the past year, has enlisted in the army nurse corps and will report soon for duty await the army air force at Patterson field, Ohio,'She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Leake of Sioux City, formerly Davenport residents. Miss Leake is a graduate of Davenport high school and St. Joseph's school of Nursing, Keokuk.

Source: The Daily Times, August 23, 1943

Weekly letter to a boy in service

"I get the Dear Joe page in Patterson, Ohio. I sent it to our brother, Truitt, a private in China, who reads it and then sends it to our bother, Ralph, S 2/c with the Seabees in Tinian, who reads it and then sends it to our sister Lieut Betty at Lowrey Field, Colorado, who reads it and send it to our parents in Omaha. This Dear Joe makes the entire circuit of the Leake family." *** so spoke Lieut. Laura Leake when she dropped into the office, en route from Omaha to Patterson *** all these Leake children are the sons and daughters of Ralph Leake, whom many will remember for his work as physical education director at the Davenport Y.M.C.A. for a number of years *** he is now affiliated with a sporting goods establishment in Omaha and is kept quite busy writing to his four children in service. - and reading our Dear Joe, too. Lieut. Laura, who finished her nurses training at St. Joseph's hospital, Keokuk, is with the Army Air Corps *** like the rest of the family she is wondering when she and her brothers and sisters will get together again at the family home in Omaha *** she is not guessing as the the exact date, either.

Source: Quad City Times, July 15, 1945 (photo included)