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Lt. Mabel Jorgenson



Who'll Take Their Places?

Mason City has seen 12 of its nurses go into military service in the past year and already plans are going forward for the organization of Nurse's Aide corps which will help provide substitute assistance for the nurses left on duty here.

The Red Cross volunteers corps will start its first class Monday at the Mercy hospital. Women who are interested in taking up this volunteer project may call the Red Cross for further information.

Of the nurses who have left Mason City on war duty, two are stationed in Ireland, Lieut. Pauline McGuire and Lieut. Aquinas Leehey; one in Australia, Lieut. Mary Kelsh; and two others are members of task forces, Lieut. Mabel Jorgenson and Lieut. Elizabeth Clark.

In this country, Lieut. Rosalie Linnehan, Lieut. Winifred Meade and Lieut. Flora Ross are stationed at Fort Riley, Kans., Lieut. Nan Kramer at Jefferson Barracks, Lieut. Della Zaugg at Kelly field, Lieut. Bernice Rappath at the Army and Navy hospital at Hot Springs and Lieut. Margaret Wagner at Camp Robinson, Little Rock.

Not only do nurses volunteer for army and navy duty, but the supply is also depleted by the nurses who retire from the profession to be married, or take up other work. It takes three years to train a nurse, and because the number of registered nurses cannot be kept up to average, volunteer Nurses Aide corps are being organized all over the United States, and Mason City's effort is a part of the nationwide movement.

Source: The Mason City Globe-Gazette, November 7, 1942 (photo included)


SERVING ARMED FORCES --Among Mason City nurses serving the armed forces of the United States in all parts of the world are two sisters, Lt. Ann Jorgenson (on left) and Lt. Mabel Jorgenson (at right.) The picture was taken shortly after Mabel arrived home from the service in the southwest Pacific.

Source: Mason City Globe-Gazette, December 23, 1944 (photo included)