Scott County

Miss Ruth Gamber



Win Wings as Ferry Pilots

Miss Ruth Gamber, whose home was at 658 East Twenty-ninth street, and Miss Dorothea Shultz, 2021 Scott street, before they left Davenport last Feb. 9 for training with the Women's Army Flying Service, will receive their wings Saturday at Avenger field near Sweetwater, Tex., it was announced today through the Associated Press. A class of 112 women pilots will be graduated.

They will be assigned to the transporting of palnes under the army ferry command.

Both received their basic training at Cram field, qualifying for private pilot license and when Civil Air Patrol was organized, they became active in the organization serving as staff officers at the Davenport squadron, Miss Gamber as communications officer and Miss Shultz as assistant operations officer and flight leader. They had been employed at Rock Island arseanl before joining the WAFS.

Source: The Daily Times, [Davenport, Ia] August 6, 1943 (photo included)