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Lt. Dorothy Frazier


Miss Dorothy Frazier Receives Commission In Army Nurses Corps

Miss Dorothy Frazier, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Frazier, 2950 East Eighteenth street, has received her commission of second lieutenant in the army nurses corps reserve. She will report to Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., July 20.

Miss Frazier, graduate of Davenport high school, received her training at St. Joseph's hospital, Keokuk, and following her graduation practiced in private duty.

During the past two years she has been a member of St. Luke's hospital in Davenport.

Source: The Daily Times, July 15, 1943 (photo included)

Lt. Dorothy Frazier of the army nurse corps is home on leave from Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. She entered the service in July of 1943 and has since been on duty at the Station hospital, Ft. Leonard Wood. Upon her return she will be attached to the 217th General hospital.

'Open house' will be held in her honor at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Frazier, 2950 East Eighteenth street, Saturday evening.

Lt. Frazier was a member of the staff at St. Luke's hospital for two years prior to entering the service. She was graduated from Davenport high school, and the St. Joseph's hospital school of nursing in Keokuk, Ia.

Source: The Daily Times, January 13, 1944 (photo included)