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Lt. Elizabeth L. Flanagan



Lieuts Bell, Flanagan Visit Coe Campus

Lieut. Mary Bell, former dean of women, and Lieut. Elizabeth Flanaghan, '41, daughter of Col. Flanaghan, both members of the W.A.A.C visited the Coe campus Saturday and Monday morning. Lieut. Bell is on her way to a new station and Lieut Flanagahn is stationed at Ft. Des Moines.

Lieut Bell was one of the first two women from Iowa taken into the organization. Since receiving her commission she has been teaching company administration at Ft. Des Moines.

Source: Coe Cosmos, September 30, 1942


Washington, D.C. -- Promotions for eleven Iowans in the women's army auxiliary corps were announce Tuesday night.

The following officers were advanced to the rank of first officer, the WAAC equivalent of captain: Clara G. Han, 1063 Twenty-first st, Des Moines; Marion C. Lichty, Waterloo; Kathleen McClure, Iowa Falls, and Helen E. Hanson, 726 Guthrie st, Des Moines.

Promoted from the rank of third officer to second officer, WAAC equivalent of first lieutenant: Clara J. Courson, Belmond; Elizabeth L. Flanagan, Cedar Rapids; Kola S. Gallagher, Council Bluffs; Vera E. Stiver, 4309 Allison ave., Des Moines; Jeanne E. Hardie, Dubuque and Marcella M. McCue, Greeley.

Source: The Des Moines Register, April 21, 1943