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Pauline Dryden



Courier Files (articles from the past years)

Sunday, Sept. 26, 1943: Miss Pauline Dryden, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Dryden, 914 Grant avenue, became Waterloo's first WAVE candidate to be sworn into service in Waterloo, as she took oath from Ensign Anne Dorsey, Des Moines, who was a member of the navy traveling section board at the Elks club Thursday, Friday and Saturday, in the interest of obtaining WAVE recruits.

Source: Waterloo Daily Courier, September 27, 1944

Trying to get together on words and music is a group of Iowa WAVES gathered in "date" lounge of barracks at Ottumwa naval air station. Dorothy Faye Hinze, Hamburg is at piano. The others are (left to right) Pauline Dryden, Waterloo; Geraldine Kassler, Marion; Phoebe Ann McMillin, Sumner, barracks counselor; Harriet Neal, Greene; Bernice Geronzin, Clinton; Dorothy Appel, Mount Pleasant; Laura Stover, Des Moines; Virginia Chandler, Des Moines; Delores Busse, Britt, and Marjorie Durrell, Leon.

Source: The Des Moines Register, October 15, 1944 (photo included)


The cigarette shortage (which, by the way, isn't talked about nearly as much as formerly) doesn't worry Pauline Dryden, Waterloo, yeoman second class at the Ottumwa naval air station. A friend in New York, N.Y., sent her 3,000 fags she'd won on a radio network program - about a 6-month supply under the N.A.S. rationing setup.

Source: The Des Moines Sunday Register, July 22, 1945