Scott County

Theresa Darkenwald

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Rosemary Darkenwald

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Left to right: Terry and Rosemary Darkenwald and Lt. Margaret Cecil

Terry Darkenwald of 3009 Sheridan street, looks on approvingly as her sister, Rosemary, completes her enlistment papers in the WAVES. Lt. (j.g.) Margaret H. Cecil is the officer on charge of the WAVES procurement for the Ninth Naval district.

The two sisters will not be sworn in until Oct 19, which is Miss Terry Darkenwald's 20th birthday. They are the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. G.R. Darkenwald and both have been working at the Rock Island arsenal.

Source: The Daily Times, October 16, 1943 (photo included)

Davenport WAVES Enjoy Home Visits


Petty Officer, 3/c, Rosemary Darkenwald, and her younger sister, Theresa Darkenwald, seaman, first class, have concluded a six-days' visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.R. Darkenwald of 3009 Sheridan street, Davenport.

The two sisters received their basic training at Hunter college, New York City, and are now stationed in the office of the chief of naval operations, in Washington, D.C.

Source: The Daily Times, May 17, 1944 (individual photos included)