Scott County

Lt. Rose Conkity



IN FRANCE -- Lieut. Rose M. Conkity, army nurse corps, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Conkity, 1812 West Eighth street, has arrived in France with a general hospital unit. A graduate of Mercy hospital school of nursing, Lieut. Conkity entered the service in December, 1943. While in this country she was stationed at Camp Carson, Colo., O'Reilly general hospital, Mo., and Camp Robinson, Ark.

Source: Quad City Times, October 22, 1944 (photo included)

In the Armed Services

Three Davenport nurses recently met in northern France, where they have been stationed with the army nurse corps. All Graduates of the Mercy hospital school of nursing, they are Lt. Kay Ellsworth, Lt. Pauline Stout and Lt. Rose Conkity.

In a letter received by her mother, Mrs. Freda Ellsworth, 1218 Adams street, Lt. Ellsworth, who is now stationed in Belgium, told of the reunion which occurred when she learned that the 67th field hospital to which the other two nurses were attached, was stationed nearby. She crossed the field which separated the hospital tents and the three were able to hold a brief reunion. A short time later, Lt. Ellsworth's group moved to Belgium, where for the first time since going to France for the D-Day invasion, the nurses found indoor living quarters.

Source: The Daily Times, Davenport, IA - November 27, 1944