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Roberta Carper

1946 Wedding announcement photo



Miss Roberta Carper, 20, juvenile court stenographer, will be the first Polk county woman employee to have her name on the court house honor roll. She has joined the WAVES as an apprentice seaman and will report at Stillwater, Okla., for training early in January.

Miss Carper, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Carper, 1149 Twenty-eight street, was a 1940 graduate of Roosevelt High school and worked for Look magazine circulation department before going on the juvenile court staff.

Her father was a captain in the dental corps in World War I. Since other members of her family are not eligible for service with the armed forces, Miss Carper said she felt she "should do something."

Source: Des Moines Register, December 9, 1942 (photo included)

Order Miss Carper to WAVES Training

Miss Robert Carper, stenographer in the Polk county juvenile court, has received orders to report Wednesday at Hunter college, New York, N.Y., for training in the WAVES. She is a daughter of Dr. Robert G. Carper.

Source: Des Moines Tribune, February 27, 1943

Doris Erickson (right), 1169 Twenty-second st., a former teacher at Brooks school, lights cigarets for her fellow WAVES from Des Moines (from left): Sybil Gajkowski, 4319 Franklin ave.; Vivian Phillips, 1314 Jefferson ave. and Roberta Carper, 1149 Twenty-eighth st. The picture was taken on the train en route to Hunter college in New York City where the four Des Moines girls will get their "boot" training.

Source: Des Moines Tribune, March 10, 1943 (photo included)

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Carper, 4105 Cottage Grove ave., announce the engagement of their daughter, Roberta, to Paul G. Kuehn, son of Edward R. Kuehn of West Hartford, Conn. Miss Carpenter was graduated from Roosevelt High school.

She served three years and seven months as a chief petty officer in the WAVES stationed at Washington, D.C. She is now attending Drake University.

Mr. Kuehn served with the naval air corps as a lieutenant (j.g.) He was a member of the Night Torpedo Squadron 43 and was stationed on board the USS Saratoga.

He attended the University of Connecticut prior to his enlistment and now is enrolled in the medical school at Trinity university at Hartford.

Source: Des Moines Tribune, December 20, 1946 (photo included)