Adams County

Lt. Louise Anderson

Bronze Star


Corning Girl Awarded Bronze Star

Relatives and friends in Corning have been informed that Lt. Louise Anderson of Corning has been awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service as a nurse in a field hospital with the Armed Forces during the operations against Germany. The citation with the award reads as follows:

“First Lieutenant Louise I. Anderson, N-732868 Army Nurse Corps, while serving with the Army of the United States, distinguished herself by meritorious service in connection with military operations from 16 December, 1944, to 8 May, 1945. Lt. Anderson, 67th Field Hospital, performed her duties in an outstanding manner. Through her resourcefulness, foresight and leadership, Lt. Anderson contributed materially to the high standard of medical service rendered by her unit. The metitorious service of Lt. Anderson is in keeping with the high tradition of the military service.”

The others from the group who received the same award for the same period of operations included a doctor, one other nurse and five G. I.’s.

Source: Adams County Free Press, Corning, Iowa, Thursday, August 16, 1945, Page 1 (includes photograph)