The Sioux City Journal, April 18, 1944

More Sioux Cityans Inducted Into Navy

Another group of Sioux Cityans registered with Woodbury County draft board 3 has been inducted into the United States Navy. The men are:

James Berkeley Walston, 4549 Polk Street
Walter LeVerne Burge, 1704 Seventh Street
Eugene Arnold Thompson, 2611 Court Street
Robert Carleton Hatch, 1905 Douglas Street
John P. Lindblade, 2216 S. Patterson Street
Charles Gerald Kennedy, 1521 Jones Street


The Sioux City Journal, April 19, 1944

More Men in County Inducted Into the Navy and Army

Names of men inducted from Woodbury County’s selective service board 1 during last week have been announced. Those in the navy are;
William Wayne Brink, 1800 Ross Street
Arthur Barnacie, 1411 John Street
Dallas Wilson, 1013 Sixth Street
Emil Goetsch, 1414 Myrtle Street
Jack Lyman, Correctionville
Russell Dixon, Correctionville
Norman Brodersen, Correctionville
Arlo Powell, Pierson
Ivan Walker, Pierson
Vernon Stoneking, Cushing
Bartholomeu Robert Green, Oto
Clare Irish, 1015 Eighth Street, was inducted in the army.