Source: The Globe Gazette, Mason City, Iowa, Tuesday, December 30, 1941

Mason City’s Latest Contribution
To the United States Army and Navy

New recruiting records were set by both the army and navy in Mason City Monday when 52 men left for Des Moines and enlistment in the armed services. The total surpassed the best marks made in the peak of recruitment during the first World war nearly a quarter of a century ago.

In the picture above is the group of navy men which left by special bus for Des Moines Monday afternoon. The picture was taken on the steps of the postoffice building shortly before the men left.

In the picture above are the 22 men who made up the contingent leaving for army service. Twenty of the men have enlisted for duty in the air corps while the other two will be attached to the quartermaster corps. The group went to Fort Des Moines by train Monday afternoon. (Photos by Lock, Kayenay engraving)


22 Men Leave Here for Enlistment;
20 to Be in Air Corps

A record shattering total of 22 North Iowa men, the largest group ever to leave for enlistment in the regular army from Mason City in one day, was shipped to Fort Des Moines Monday afternoon by the local army recruiting office.

Most of the men – 20 of them – enlisted for service in the army air corps while the other two will serve with the quartermaster corps. Those going to the air corps are: Thomas J. Campbell, 509 Jefferson avenue northwest; James B. Carr, Bancroft; Mathew Breckenridge, Buffalo Center; Joseph H. Cross, 127 Third street northwest; Eugene O. Bacon, Clear Lake.

Willard J. Cook, Nashua; Robert J. Chizek, Clear Lake; Donald R. Cross, Rockwell; Adelbert E. Page, Austin, Minn.; Theodore M. Wolfram, Ventura; Cecil C. Jones, Northwood; Wayne E. Pringle, 1025 South Federal avenue; Leon Goss, 30 Beaumont drive; Harold Hughes, Riceville; Franklin G. Foster, Riceville.

Charles A. Hinken, Hampton; Victor H. Berding, Sheffield; Clifford J. Krambeer, Britt; Dewey E. Lowder, Hayfield, and Arthur W. Fritz, 1626 North Federal avenue.

The two men going to the quartermaster corps are Clarence Zieger of Alta Vista, and Wayne T. Angell, 1008 Twelfth street northeast.

Source: The Globe Gazette, Mason City, Iowa, Tuesday, December 30, 1941