Source: Waterloo Daily Courier, Waterloo, Iowa, Sunday, April 28, 1946

I.C. Will Honor 12 Who Died in World War II

Memorial Service at 3 P. M. for Waterloo Men’
To Present Plaques.

A memorial service and dedication of a memorial plaque for the 12 Waterloo Illinois Central railroad employes (sic) who lost their lives in World War II is scheduled for 3 p. m. Sunday at the I. C. city passenger station.

E. J. Brosseau, train master, said Saturday that plaques similar to the one which will be dedication Sunday will be placed at approximately 50 points in the fourteen states directly served by the Illinois Central system, and added that a master plaque bearing the names of all I. C. men and women who have died in military service will be placed in the waiting room at Central station, Chicago.

Davis to Open Rites.

W. E. Davis, superintendent of the Iowa division, will open the ceremony and make the presentation of the plaque.

Others participating in the ceremony include Rev. C. J. Gunnell, pastor at Christ’s Episcopal church, assistant city attorney G. C. Heath, and the firing squad from American Legion Post No. 138.

On Side of Station.

The plaque will be hung permanently on the side of the I. C. passenger depot facing the river, Brosseau stated.

A special guest at the ceremony will be Vern Johnson, Chicago, office manager for C. R. Young, personnel manager.

The public is invited, the train master said.

The plaque will contain the following names:

Sherwin Lewis Hanson, fireman, whose wife, Lucille, lives at 1316 Forest avenue.

Taylor M. Woodyard, switchman, whose wife, Glennamae June, lives at 510 Argyle street.

W. L. Daily, switchman, whose brother, W. K. Daily, lives at 1414 Grand avenue, and brother, Robert Jr., at 431 Almond street.

J. G. Hundley, brakeman, son of Mrs. Paul Henry, 711 Beech street.

F. W. Johnson, painter, whose father F. B. Johnson, resides at 211 East First street.

D. A. Katalinich, machinist’s apprentice, son of Anthony Katalinich, 324 Sumner street.

C. E. Kibler, fireman, whose step-mother, Mrs. W. G. Stevens, lives at 2520 West Third street.

V. D. Kruse, storehouse laborer, whose wife, Hazel, lives at 334 Dearborn avenue.

A. E. Sanford, brakeman, son of Mrs. Frances Sanford, 1002 Riehl street.

R. B. White, section laborer, son of William B. White, 1302 Newell street.

M. L. Smith, trucker, whose mother, Mrs. Minnie Smith, lives at 511 ½ Lafayette street.

W. D Woodyard, switchman, son of Mrs. Louis Friedl, 302 Commercial street.

Source: Waterloo Daily Courier, Waterloo, Iowa, Sunday, April 28, 1946, Page 6