Source: The Globe Gazette, October 23, 1942

Ordered to Report for Examination

CLARION – The following men have received orders to report for examination at an induction center:

Dale Dustin Schroeder, Clarion; Ellert Palmer Olson, Eagle Grove; Kenneth Lee Feakins, Londo, N. Dak.; Marcel Andree Bouillon, Galt; Merle Evert Sheets, Goldfield; Harold Chris Svendsen, Belmond; Ray Floize, Eagle Grove; Norris Berven Ulstad, Holmes; Lorenzo Moreno Rosillo, Des Moines; Raymond Francis Barry, Belmond; Arthur Donavon Homervold, Swea City; George Sylvester Pyle, Clarion; Al William LaRue, Dows; Sheldon Oscar Dahlgren, Clarion; Edward Kepper, Eagle Grove; Ollo Harvey Wolf, Eagle Grove; Lloyd Joseph Larson, Eagle Grove.

Howard James Stanley, Clarion; Lawrence Louis Dickinson, Belmond; James Duane Rowe, Lake Mills; William Theodore Sell, Milwaukee, Wis.; Merlin George Pyle, Clarion; Floyd Joseph Buyer, Fort Dodge; Henry Wagner, Belmond; Emil Gotfred Nillsen, Dows; Dale Irvin McClement, Mason City; Andrew Rasmussen, Goldfield; John William Reed, Dows; Gale Nolan Frakes, Eagle Grove; Paul Henry Rasmussen, Renwick; Clyde Ross, Clarion; Francis james Quigley, Rowan; Stanley Howard Enochsobn, Eagle Grove; Bert Teilene Wood, Eagle Grove; Merle Lee Hopkins, Woolstock.

Donald Thomas Whitty, Clarion; Thomas Arthur Robertson, Belmond; John Henry Jacobs, Belmond; Arthur John Berkland, Eagle Grove; Vernon Kraft, Renwick; John Bernard Riley, Blairsburg; Donald Edgar Christian, Eagle Grove; Earl Robert McNamara, Augusta, Kans.; Lester Monroe Norton, Clarion; Lionel Calvert Carpenter, Dows; George Robert Lester, Clarion; Jerry Arthur Stoffer, Alexander; Theodore M. Howe, Eagle Grove; Robert John Winslow, Dows; Walter Herman Anderson, Dows; Richard Guy Midleton, Clarion; Kenneth Wesley Kallem, Goldfield; Earl Baker, Eagle Grove; Vernon Paul Baker, Woolstock; Joseph Sebastian Schultz, Eagle Grove.

Wayne Calvin Albee, Eagle Grove; Nicholas Reese Townson, Belmond; George Greiner, Clarion; Donald Louis Rummel, Dows; Neil Lester Reed, Woolstock; Leonard Joseph Stueland, Eagle Grove; Guy Edward Feeley, Eagle Grove; John Aukland, Goldfield; Milford Homer Thompson, Eagle Grove; Roger Morris Thomas, Iowa City; Harold Leslie Waddell, Clarion; Kenneth Wayne Trotter, Goldfield; Melvin Clifford Warren, Eagle Grove; Cecil Homer Paine, Clarion; August Julius Kannenberg, Fort Dodge; Kenneth Earl Pepper, Wildew, Idaho.

Merlin Francis Rink, Eagle Grove; Edmond Sylvan Lunning, Eagle Grove; Clyde Del Cuhner, Woolstock; Joseph Clarence Howe, Eagle Grove; Louis Paul Kramer, Belmond; Dale Eugene Wray, Clarion; Virgil LaBertus Gray, Eagle Grove; Ray Shillington, Clarion; Charles Rodney Moore, Dows; Albert John Claude, Goldfield; Walter Raymond Ryan, Rowan; Lyle George Rosse, Eagle Grove; Harold Manning, Eagle Grove; Harley Russell Rockow, Dows; and Russell Henry Brinkman, Dows.


Named Winners of Scrap Essay Contest

CLEAR LAKE – Winners of the Scrap Drive essay contest held in Clear Lake schools this week were announced Thursday. In the fourth grade Patsy Jodan, Lincoln school, and Donna Rae Huey, junior high building, were winners. Others were Mary Lou Ludwig, fifth grade; Dan Rice, sixth; Dixie Portwood, seventh; Tom Joslyn, eight; Betty Burns, ninth; Donald Thompson, 10th; Charleta Harris, 11th; and Mavis Stokke, 12th. Each winner received $1 in war savings stamps.

CLEAR LAKE – Corp. Fred Fistler and Pvt. Ray Wallace, solider on leave, were guests of Dr. R. A. Winkle at the Lions club meeting Wednesday in the Legion rooms.

Thirty-two women made 2,500 Red Cross surgical dressings at [the Clear Lake] City hall Wednesday afternoon. Members of the Busy Bee club attended in a body.

Mrs. L. E. Raymond, Rudd, entertained the Thimble Bee club at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Clarence Hill, with Mrs. James Miller and Mrs. Holder Nelson as guests. The club voted to furnish Red Cross kitbags for service men.

Source: The Globe-Gazette, Mason City, Iowa, Friday, October 23, 1942