Source: The Sioux City Journal __ DISCHARGES NOTED

May 13, 1946 news issue:

In Uniform

Maj. Owen E. Davies, 1500 Lansdown Avenue, has been honorably discharged from the army at the separation Center, Fort Bliss, Texas

The following Sioux Cityans have been discharged from the Navy at the Minneapolis separation Center, Robert L. Hooks, 4057 Adams Street; Arthur D. McGraw, 1413 W. Second Street; Kenneth D. Aalseth, 4111 46th Street; Gale R. Custer, 1414 Isabella Street and Richard J. Walding, 914 Plymouth Street.

Sioux Cityans discharged from naval service at the Great Lakes, Illinois, separation Center include James D. Leegan, 3500 Fourth Avenue; William R. Hughes, 512 26th Street; Bette Gertrude Carpenter, 3407 Parkview Boulevard; Frederick T. Kelly, 1817 Summit Street; Romirio Juarez, 1412 Leech Avenue; Harry H. Smith, 925 Fourth Street and Roland D. Hirsch, 2610 W. Fourth Street.

May 24, 1946 news issue:

In Uniform

Lt. Newton N. Sacks, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.I. Sacks, 2807 Pierce Street, was honorably discharged from the Navy at Los Angeles and has returned to his former position at Moline, Ill.

Kenneth G. Moe, aviation machinist’s mate third class, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Moe, 2520 McFall Avenue, completed a 15-day leave with his parents and has returned to Charlestown, R.I. He will continue his assignment in the naval hydraulics department until his expected discharge in July.

Sioux Cityans discharge at the Minneapolis naval separation center this week include John Peterson, 1117 Sixth Street; Leonard W. Bowers, 3523 Floyd Avenue; Keith M. Abodcely, 316 Isabella Street; Richard H. Johnson, 3724 Fifth Avenue; Marvin B Shay, 4205 Tyler Street; Kenneth S Johnson, 215 W. Third Street and W.R. Slattery, route 2.

June 17, 1945 news issue:

In Uniform

Receiving discharges this week at the Great Lakes, Illinois, separation center were Douglas W. Johnson, 709 Iowa Street and John Donohue Jr., 3723 Jackson Street.

Leonard H. Lee, 3507 W. Fourth Street and Richard H. Hoagland, 400 14th Street, received discharges from the navy June 4 at the separation center at Minneapolis.

William J. Bower, 3217 Fowler Street, recently received his discharge from the navy at the separation center, Camp Wallace, Texas. He was stationed in the New Guinea area.

Paul S. Rustauck, 901 S. Cornelia Street, was honorably discharged at the navy separation Center at Shoemaker, Calif., on June 2.

Donald D. Manzer, 1110 Grandview Boulevard; Donald D. Kukuk, 1812 W. Fourth Street and James M. Coleman, 701 Bluff Street, have received discharges from the navy at the Minneapolis separation Center.