Source: Mason City Globe-Gazette, Thursday, July 16, 1942

Pays Tribute to 32 N. Iowans
Heroes From This Territory Fought on Far Flung Fronts

North Iowa Friday joins in the nationwide observance of Heroes day, paying tribute to at least 32 men from this territory who have lost their lives while serving their country in World War II.

These heroes lost their lies in nearly every large scale action seen since the United States was precipitated into the war by the Japs on Dec. 7.  Some were killed at Pearl Harbor, others at Midway, in the Coral sea battle, in the air, and while serving in the coast guard.

Aside from the six men from Cerro Gordo county who have died in action, the casualty list for North Iowa includes the following:

Ensign Lawrence D. Anderson, son of August R. Anderson, Waukon.
Lieut. (J. G.) Aloysius Herman Schmitt, brother of Mrs. E. Buchheit, St. Lucas.
Leon Arick, seaman, son of Charlie Arick, Mithcell.
William V. Ball, seaman, son of W. W. Ball, Fredericksburg.
P.F.C. Frank D. Borchers, son of D. H. Borchers, Charles City.
Harold Ervin Braun, fireman first class, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Braun, Grafton.
Walter Brom, signalman first class, Calmar.
Earl George Burch, baker, son of Elmer Burch, Elma.
Morris Frank Drury, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Drury, Rowan.
Alfred Fisher, captain, Clarksville.
Karl Anthony Giesen, yeoman, husband of Mrs. Lucille Giesen, Decorah.
Lawrence Goetz, corporal, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Goetz, Wesley.
Edwin Earl Jante, yeoman, son of Edward Jante, Garner.
Paul Frederick Johann, gunner’s mate, son of Peter Johann, Alta Vista.
Leo Thomas Keninger, fireman, son of Frank L. Keninger, Ackley.
William Henry Kennedy, fireman, son of Mrs. Elizabeth M. Kennedy, Titonka.
Charles Austin Lettow, coxswain, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lettow, formerly of Riceville.
John Mark Mulick, hospital apprentice, son of John B. Mulick, Alta Vista.
William Howard Peavey, quartermaster, son of H. B. Peavey, Iowa Falls.
Forrest H. Perry, cook, son of Henry Perry, Northwood.
Theodore S. Szabo, private, son of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Szabo, Castalia.
William G. Turner, private, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Turner, Algona.
Thomas G. Wagner, seaman first class, son of Mrs. Peter Schmitt, St. Joe.
Arnold Alfred Wilcox, quartermaster first class, son of Mrs. Icea Belle Wilcox, Charles City.
Ray Milo Wilson, radioman, grandson of Mrs. Reco S. Cole, Charles City.
Lester Frank Zobeck, seaman, son of Frank Zobeck, Elma.

At least seven of the men were killed in the sneak Jap attack on Pearl Harbor; one, a Plymouth youth, lost his life in China after taking part in the April 18 raid on Tokio; another was killed in the Philippines, and details of some of the other casualties were shrouded in military secrecy.

As the war reached and passed the seven months mark for the United States, it was increasingly apparent that North Iowans were on all the far flung battle fronts, taking an active part in the fight to smash the axis powers.

Source:  Mason City Globe-Gazette, Thursday, July 16, 1942 (eleven servicemen photos included)