Source: The Oelwein Daily Register
Oelwein, Fayette County, Iowa
Thursday, July 8, 1943

- The following enlisted men inducted into the Army of the United
States on Jun 24th, 1943, were placed in Enlisted Reserve Corps, and are to
report for active duty on July 8th, 1943:
Biermann, Clarence H., West Union
Binning, Francis G., Maynard
Bond, Robert T., Wadena
Broughton, Walter E., West Union
Duke, David H., West Union
Fox, George S., Oelwein
Garris, Fleir J., Oelwein
Hall, Gilbert, Wadena
Harms, Howard W., Oelwein
Higgins, Hugh H., Oelwein
Hinneman, Robert J., Oelwein
Jarchow, Paul R., Oelwein
Johnson, Eugene S., Fayette
Johnson, Theodore A., Fayette
Johnston, Lee W., Oelwein
Keniston, Wilbur L., Oelwein
Kern, George L., Oelwein
Kirby, Robert J., Oelwein
Lotts, Leonard W., Oelwein
Maher, Robert E., Oelwein
Mihm, Alexander W., St. Lucas
Mike, Norman T., Oelwein
Miller, George J., Fayette
O'Brien, Miles S., Oelwein
Ohl, LeRoy A., Oelwein
Pirillo, Dominic F., Oelwein
Potter, Daniel M., Waterloo
Schmadeke, Donald J., Westgate
Schmelzer, Maurice E., West Union
Schulmeister, Jacob L., Oelwein
Serfling, Roy H., Oelwein
Shepherd, Melvin E., Oelwein
Sieleman, Robert B., West Union
Sutter, Leo F., Cedar Rapids
Swarts, Charles H., Oelwein
Turner, Harry A., West Union
Underwood, Charles L., Westgate
Walker, Jr., Guy, Oelwein
Wheeler, Aaron L., Oelwein

Algie E. Northrop. Arlington, placed in U.S. Army Engineers and reports on same
date as above.

The following named enlisted men inducted into the Army of the U.S. assigned
to Air Corps for Aviation Cadet Training (Air Crew) were placed in Reserve until
called to Active Duty by Commanding General, Seventh Service Command, Omaha,
Butts, Donald W., Fayette.
Carmello, Nicholas J., Oelwein.
Shafer, Everett E., Fayette.
Wagner, Daniel E., Oelwein.
Weyant, Francis G., Oelwein.

The following named enlisted men inducted in the U.S Navy on Jun 24th, 1943, and
were placed in reserve until called to active duty.:
Schmidt, Harold Arthur, Oelwein.
Mulvehill, Charles Louis, Oelwein.
Kohler, Robert Lewis, West Union.
Cornish, Jr., Irvin, Oelwein.
Jensen, William Michael, Oelwein
Alessio, Jr., Louis Frank, Oelwein.
Shinneman, Alvin Kendail, Oelwein.
Astor, William Raymond, Arlington.
Granneman, Virgil Walter, Hawkeye
Birdsell, William, Oelwein.
Briggs, Paul Eugene, Fayette.
Rehlander, Milton Frederick,Oelwein.
McCallum, Lewis Warren, Oelwein.
Lillibridge, Jim Merland, Oelwein.
Crawford, William Robert, Fayette.

The following named enlisted man inducted into the Marine Corps on June 24th,
1943, and was placed in Reserve until called to active duty.
Ralston, Paul William, Oelwein.


WEST UNION -- Thirty-nine enlisted men, who were inducted into the army of
the United States on June 24th, 1943, left West Union on Wednesday, July 7th to
report for active duty in Des Moines. The United Service Women's organization of
West Union presented each draftee with a box containing meat sandwiches,
homemade cookies, candy bars and cigarettes. Those women on the committee to
prepare the boxes were Mrs. E. A. Ballard, Mrs. Aulden Finch, Mrs. E.A. Estey,
Mrs. james Burrett, Mrs. Basil McNulty, Mrs. Harry Humphrey, Mrs. George
Sullivan and Mrs. C.S. Saboe.

Other members of the United Service Women spent the evening tying lap robes
which are sent to service men. Six comforters were sent this week to the San
Diego Naval Training base. An interesting occurrence in connection with this
contribution was the fact that Keith Granger, son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Granger,
was at the receiving station when some of the comforters from West Union were
opened. He found the label from his home town and clipped it and sent it to his
mother to give her proof of the safe arrival. The reports from the base are very