Source: Muscatine Journal and News-Tribune, Monday, May 7, 1945



News of victory in Europe had special significance in many Muscatine home where relatives have “sweated it through” for months and, in some cases, years with their husbands, sons and brothers who were being held in prisoner of war camps in Germany.

Although in several homes in the area, since February when Cpl. Robert Tadewald, Muscatine’s first prisoner to be repatriated, returned home, liberated soldiers have been reunited with their families, the majority of the men released from POW camps during the final Allied offensive in Germany have yet to arrive home.

Others Are Home

Melvin Owen, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Owen of Tipton, came home in March, having spent months in prisoner of war camps in Italy and Germany.

A large number of prisoners were reported liberated some time before word came of the complete capitulation of the Nazis and messages telling of their release were welcome news to their relatives and friends.

Others Known Free

Army men from this territory known to be liberated and enroute home prior to the formal announcement of German surrender include Pvt. Archie King, son of Archie M. King, 344 Stewart road; Sgt. Robert W. Chaudoin, brother of Mrs. Harlan Dye, 1206 Orange street; Cpl. Rollin D. Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Smith, 105 Foster street; Pfc. Arlan Moeller, of Stockton.

Cpl. Harold G. Mueller of Buffalo Prairie; T/5 Maynard H. Sexton of Downey; and Sgt. William D. Bivens of Buffalo Prairie; Tech. Sgt. Glen Kennedy of Conesville; Pfc. Robert Fletcher, Columbus Junction.

According to other information available to the Journal the following are men from Muscatine and surrounding territory who were members of the “barbed wire legion” in Germany:

Tech Sgt. Howard J. Adams of Wilton; Staff Sgt. Ralph Butler, rural route 4; Pvt. Harold Bartelt, 106 Grandview avenue; Staff Sgt. Luther Eldon Davis, 106 East Second street; Lt. Arthur Mittman, 708 Newell avenue; Sgt. Howard W. Hobbs, Morning Sun; Pvt. William O’Brien, rural route 5.

In Other Camps

Pvt. Lawrence C. Proffitt, 403 East Fifth street; Pvt. Carl J. Robertson, 313 Jackson street; Pvt. Charles E. Sterner, Wilton; Pvt. Layman Saltsman, 410 Cherry street; Lt. Robert T. Walter, 817 Sycamore street; Lt. Hartley Westbrook, Grandview; Lloyd Dotson, Wapello; Pfc. Lawrence J. Dwyer, 309 West Eleventh street.

Lt. George Eversmeyer, 101 East Fulliam avenue; Pfc. Robert Korneman, 508 West Seventh street; Sgt. Charles McBride, 214 West Seventh street; T/5 Robert K. Reinbrecht, West Branch; Pfc. Richard Schreurs, 1172 New Hampshire street; and Pfc. Lloyd A. Walker, rural route 1.

Pfc. Harry Harris, 703 East Sixth street; Lt. Donald G. Harrer, whose wife resides at 301 Parkington drive; Pfc. George Lesnet of Wapello; and Pvt. Frank E. Koepping, 1219 Lincoln Boulevard.