Source: The Council Bluffs Nonpareil, November 4, 1943

New Group of Inductees Leave

Another group of selectees from Council Bluffs draft board No. 1 left Thursday for an army post to be inducted into the armed forces. They were part of a group that was given its induction examination three weeks ago. The balance of the group is scheduled to leave at a later date.

Leaving Thursday afternoon were:

Army – Loren E. Gillaspy, Christopher G. Kish, Duane F. Slightam, Harold C. Christensen, Gerner K. Peterson, Milton H. Etherton, Howard M. Adamson jr., Leonard E. Nelson, James Amenta, Norman H. Filbert jr., Frank L. Camp, Kenneth H. Hager, Gordon W. Brown, Harold J. Neilsen and Cecil M. Beckwith.

Marine corps – Melvin Samuel Rhoades, Glenn Elmo Brons, Kermit Edwin Coleman, William Diamond.

Coast guard – Kenneth Howard Hager, Joseph Gustave Hasch jr.

Source: The Council Bluffs Nonpareil, Council Bluffs, Iowa, Thursday, November 04, 1943, Page 5