WWII Letters from the Men & Women In Service


Togersen, PFC Raymond, letter dated December 1941

Hoping For Victory Soon

FORT DOUGLAS – I wish to thank you for the Christmas box which I received from the [Mason City] Globe-Gazette Christmas Cheer Fund. It’s really nice to know that the folks at home are thinking of the boys in the army.

I also wish to thank the editor of the Globe-Gazette for the “Today’s Bouquet” [an editorial piece] in the Nov. 21 issue. The parachute jump is only the chance that hundreds of boys like myself take every day as good American soldiers.

I  have almost recovered from the broken ankle received in the jump and hope to be discharged from the hospital soon to do my small part in World war II.

Hoping to be home from a Complete Victory soon, I remain,


Source: The Globe Gazette, Mason City, Iowa, Thursday, January 08, 1942 [Cerro Gordo Co.]



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