Pvt. John "Jack" Petrow, of Company E, 133rd infantry, 34th Division, U. S. national guard, stationed at Camp Claiborne, La., doubtless is undergoing similar experiences of "Private Plink,” the hero of the cartoon which is published daily in the Freeman-Journal. “Plink” Petrow’s articles will be carried at various times in which he will tell of experiences with Company E while in camp.



Daily Freeman Journal, Webster City, Iowa - January 4, 1944


W. C. Fastenow is just in receipt of a bayonet, taken from a captured German soldier. It was sent him by Sgt. John Petrow of this city, now in North Africa. It is much shorter than the older bayonets, used by the United States army. Mr. Fastenow appreciates it very much as a souvenir. Sergeant Petrow has been in the army three years, having originally left Webster City with the group which went to Camp Claiborne, La., and later was sent overseas.

Daily Freeman Journal, Webster City, Iowa - February 18, 1944


Word received here from Jack Petrow, now stationed in North Africa, reports that the battalion to which he was attached has one of the champ basketball teams in North Africa. Don Shelton, another former Webster City soldier and a crack Lynx athlete in high school, has been leading the attack for the group which has won 28 straight games.

Daily Freeman Journal, Webster City, Iowa - November 20, 1944

Sgt. Jack Petrow, home on furlough from Italy where he has been serving with the famed 34th division, is visiting friends in the city. He went overseas in February, 1941 with members of the national guard unit from this city.

Daily Freeman Journal, Webster City, Iowa - December 6, 1944


Jack Petrow, Lincoln high alumnus, who was here on furlough recently, remembered Miss Ethel Virtue’s Latin classes and Miss Bessie Lyon’s history classes with souvenirs from Rome and other parts of Europe. Jack is a member of the famous 34th division.

The things he brought to the Latin classes are a large pictured map of Rome showing both ancient and modern buildings, two lira coin, Roman or Italian coin used in Vatican City, image of the wolf with Romulus and Remus, statue of Saint Peter, copy of the famous one in Saint Peter’s cathedral-the one revered by pilgrims who have kissed the toe of this statue until it is almost worn away.

Souvenirs presented to Miss Bessie Lyon’s classes by Jack are French, Italian, Arabian, German, English, American invasion, and African paper money; coins from the Hindenburg republic, England, France, and Italy; a silk eagle badge from a German flier’s shirt; belt buckle of a ground crew man; belt buckle of a flier; and a beret with the insignia of the German tank corps.

*Published by Lincoln High School as a Section of The Daily Freeman-Journal  


~Transcriptions done & submitted by Hamilton County Iowa researcher, Pat Juon, August 2016



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