WWII Letters from the Men & Women In Service


Carter, 1st Lt. Meredith M, letter dated December 12, 1944

War and Peace.

Excerpt from a letter written by the late Lt. Meredith M. Carter to his parents on Dec. 12, 1944, in Germany prior to his death in Belgium Jan. 9, 1945. The letter was received here on Feb. 7, 1945.

“Wrote to ____ this afternoon, and was telling them about my view of a battle about three weeks ago. I went up in the attic of a house near our position when we were near the front, and watched infantry and tanks attack with tactical air support. The whole thing took place about one-fourth of a mile from me, and was quite a show. Tanks, infantry and light bombers all in communication with one another make quite a team.

“This entire situation, trained men – equipment (the best in the world) and the necessary supplies for them to wage war here is a miracle. And it is more than that with the addition of the forces in the Pacific. It is a shame that our abilities cannot be equally marshaled for peace time living. The results after three years of war prove that it can be done. The missing essential is that the necessity of producing for peace does not loom as vividly and pressing as that of organizing and producing for war. Perhaps enough study, talk and leading will bring that fact before the American people. It’s high time for American citizens to wake up and realize that the nation is theirs, and it will be run in direct proportion to the effort each individual exerts in its business. Enough people care, but enough people don’t care enough.

“Everything is about the same here. Rainy, cold and a little sunshine. The nights are terrifically dark, but every one persists in doing his assigned duty – which will eventually win the war. I’d like to know how much longer it will last.”

Source: The Council Bluffs Nonpareil, Council Bluffs, Sunday, February 11, 1945, [Pottawattamie County]


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