Bremer County

T/4 Paul T. Miller


Paul Miller Cited for Aid in Blaze at War Dog Center

T/4 Paul T. Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Miller of Waverly, has received official commendation for leadership and fortitude in fighting a fire at the War Dog Reception and Training Center, San Carlos, Calif. The letter of commendation was read to the entire training center command and the original was presented to Paul by the post commander in a formal ceremony at the station, Jan. 19.

The commendation, which graphically suggest the happenings during the fire, follows:

1. On 9 December 1943, a windstorm of hurricane proportions struck the San Francisco Bay Area, doing great property damage. It blew down high-tension wires, starting a fire near the War Dog Reception and Training Center, San Carlos. For a time the combined wind and fire threatened destruction of the entire Center. The fire finally reached the kennel area, endangering the lives of hundreds of dogs, necessitating their immediate evacuation to prevent their destruction. A Board of Officers which investigated the circumstances surrounding the combined storm and fire and the work of the personnel of the Center found as follows regarding your conduct and performance during this trying time:

”T/4 Paul T. Miller displayed outstanding leadership in organizing the stable personnel to evacuate the horses and fight the fire, and outstanding fortitude in fighting the flames that started inside the stable. In heavy, blinding smoke, with a garden hose, he remained alone in the stable and put out fires that started there.”

2. Your good judgment, courage and heroism in the face of danger and in behalf of the animals is consistent with the finest traditions of the Army. You are officially commended for your fine conduct.

F. W. Koester,
Colonel, QMC

Source: The Waverly Independent, Waverly, Iowa, February 02, 1944