Marshall County


Marshall County Dog Offered To Army For War Service

Dogs, too, have their place in the war effort, according to army officials, and enlistments are being over the county for sentry duty particularly and for other phases of the war effort.

A Marshall county dog to see such service soon is the Doberman Pincer (sic) female owned by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Goodman, farmers east of Haverhill, who have been raising the breed as a hobby and a sideline and who have offered their canine to be available after she has weaned the litter of pups she whelped recently.

The female is a 4-year-old and was on the first acquired by the Goodmans. Their kennel now numbers 13 of the dogs, old and young.

Sentry dogs are used, according to the war department information, to guard military establishments and protect supplies. The dog to be eligible must answer to only four commands but his obedience to them must be complete. And, most important, he must give warning of the presence of any stranger and, on the command of the sentry with whom he is working, must go out and find the intruder.

The commands are "heel," "stay," "out," and "come," preceded always by the name of the dog to which they are given. To give warning of the approach of any person, the dog is to come to attention, bark or growl.

Source: The Times Republican, Marshalltown, Iowa, July 20, 1942