Polk & Warren Counties

Brownie, from Warren Co.
Tok, from Polk Co.


Their Pets Are Off to Help Win The War

Two Iowa “enlistees” were shipped out Thursday night for 12 weeks of “basic” training with the army canine corps at Fort Robinson at Crawford, Neb.

If they learn their lessons satisfactorily, both will be qualified for active service in the Pacific area.

The dogs are “Tok,” 22-month-old Malamute husky, owned by Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Plummer, Altoona, Ia., and “Brownie,” 14-month-old collie belonging to Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Anderson, Norwalk, Ia.

Both families are giving up their pets because of the war department’s request for 1,600 dogs for training before Sept. 1.

”Tok” is an Alaska native. Plummer, formerly employed on the Alcan highway, has had the dog since it was 14 weeks old.

”Tok” weighs 125 pounds and is 30 inches tall. Mrs. Plummer said “Tok” was not a problem during the meat shortage, because he is satisfied with a gruel of oatmeal and corn, scraps and an occasional bone.

Source: The Des Moines Morning Register, Des Moines, Iowa, July 13, 1945