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Maquoketa K-9 Corps Veteran Back From War

MAQUOKETA -- Another Maquoketa war hero has returned home. He isn't saying much about his experiences at Guadalcanal and other battlefields, but is quietly waiting for the return of his best friend.

The veteran is "Von," Doberman pinscher belonging to Lt. Jack McIntire and he recently was released from the K-9 corps after 22 months of military service. Because his master is now in North Africa, he has settled down to civilian life at the Tom Smith kennels to await the end of the war.

Two years ago, McIntire, then a senior veterinary student at the Iowa State college [present day Iowa State University, Ames], knew that he would soon be entering the military service, so he enlisted his year-old thoroughbred in Dogs for Defense. After training at Fort Royal, Va., "Von" was sent to Guadalcanal where he served several months on sentry duty.

Last week he came home with an honorable discharge. Smith says that the dog does not seem to miss his soldier companions, but seems quite content with his new mates, Smith's circus dogs.

Lt McIntire is stationed with the medical corps of the cavalry in North Africa.

Source: The Cedar Falls Record, Cedar Falls, Iowa, April 09, 1944