Polk County


A Dog Trained And Detrained

A young lady named Miggs who has served in the coast guard as a SPAR has returned to Des Moines with her honorable discharge papers and is make a bold effort to readjust herself to civilian life.

It isn't an altogether easy task. She is getting acquainted with new neighbors and doesn't know quite what to make of them. But it's great for her to be home and her family is as grand as ever.

It is, of course, about time to explain that Miggs is a dog - a Doberman Pinscher, returned by the coast guard to her owners, Mr. and Mrs. Max D. Miller of 2829 Thirty-fifth st.

Before entering the service, Miggs was a peace-loving canine but it was the just object of the coast guard to make her just the opposite of that. The training program was designed to make her quick to attack viciously anyone not in the uniform of one of the armed services.

Before Miggs was discharged - and she really has discharge papers -- all that training had to be undone so that once again she would be a peace-loving dog.

"She's been just grand with us -- my husband, myself and our little girl," said Mrs. Miller. "But she's still got to acclimate herself. We don't quite like all of her actions. For instance, she doesn't want anyone but the family inside our yard."

Source: Gammmack, Gordon. Evening Tribune, Des Moines, Iowa, July 11, 1945