Wright County


Dog From Japan Awaits Judy McCoy

Attention of a number of local people was attracted to a picture appearing in the late editions of the Des Moines Tribune Wednesday of last week, which included a German shepherd dog, belonging to Judy McCoy, 11, daughter of Capt. and Mrs. Wynn McCoy of Clarion, now on their way home from Japan after serving with the occupation forces.

The explanation follows: “Maru, a German shepherd born in Japan, was being entertained at the Miller Kennels by Billy Bell, 9, while awaiting the arrival of his young mistress, Judy McCoy, 11, who is on her way home from Japan. When Capt. Wynn McCoy of Clarion received order to return home, his daughter issued an ultimatum that if she couldn’t take Maru home with her, she wanted to remain in Japan. Maru, who was purchased to watch over Judy in Japan, is ready to take over again when she arrives.”

Source:  The Wright County Monitor, Clarion, Iowa, April 08, 1948