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Fred Voight


Davenport Marine Has a Dog Platoon On Island of Guam

A marine private Fred Voight of Davenport, is playing an unusual role in the war. He is serving on Guam with a Doberman dog platoon. The Dobermans sight Japs just as easily as they find squirrels and rabbits back home, he says.

In March of 1943, Voight entered the service taking his "boot" training at San Diego. He was then assigned to a dog platoon at Camp Lejeune, N.C., departing for overseas duty in February, 1944. Before advancing on Guam, he served first at Guadalcanal and then in the Marshalls.

Voight was formerly employed at the Rock Island arsenal. His mother, Mrs. Agnes Voight, resides at 3623 Pearl avenue.

Source: The Davenport Times, Davenport, Iowa, August 22, 1944

From a swank penthouse to the jungles of a South Pacific isle -- that's the success story of Lucky, Doberman-Pinscher war dog. Here is Lucky with his present master, Pvt. (f.c.) Fred Voight, marine of Davenport, Ia., as they return to the dog bivouac after patrols on Guam island.

Source: The Davenport Times, Davenport, Iowa, August 22, 1944


-- Marine Pfc. Fred Voight, of 3623 Pearl avenue, Davenport, and his Devil Dog "Lucky" return to the dog contingent bivouac after serveral active patrols on the front lines on Guam Island. A Doberman-Pinscher, Lucky, was formerly owned by Henry C. Heinrichs, Jackson Heights, Long Island, N.Y. (Associated Press photo).

Source: Des Moines Evening Tribune, Des Moines, Iowa, September 21, 1944