Call For Dogs


Do You Have A Dog For Our Army Forces?

Have you got a dog for the war effort?

Ray McAndrews, liaison representative of the quartermaster corps, 3815 Sixth avenue, is constantly on the lookout for such animals that may be trained for duty with the armed forces.

Dogs must be sound and should be of the sturdy, working type, revealing evidence of power, endurance and energy.

He must have good bone, well proportioned body, deep chest with ribs well sprung, strong pasterns and strong muscular feet with hard, well cushioned pads. Front feet should not toe inwards or outward. Hindquarters should have moderate angulation and, as viewed from the rear, hind legs should be straight. Dogs should have strong even jaws, good teeth and healty gums. Eyes should be clear and bright with normal eyelids.

Dogs would be an easy keeper in good health and condition.

Dogs should show general alertness, steadiness, vigor and responsiveness. He should not be timid, nervous, nor gun and noise shy. (This should be differentiated from gun and noise greenness.)

The working type dog is essential.

Those breeds found most suitable for war dog training are set forth below:

    German shepherd.
     Belgian sheep dog.
     Doberman pinscher
     Collie (farm type), with medium length coat.
     Schnauzer (Giant).

Age - From 14 months to three and one-half years.
Size - Minimun height at shoulder, 24 inches; maximum, 28 inches.
Weight - Minimum, 55 pounds; maximum, 85 pounds.
Sex - Male or female. Females may be spayed or unspayed.
Color - Any inconspicuous color.
Coat - Coat should be according to standard of the particular breed.

Call Mr. McAndrews if you have such a dog for our armed forces.

Source: Plain Talk, Des Moines, Iowa, July 26, 1945