Mitchell County


Mitchell County Dog Goes to War

Harold Leman, who lives 3 1/2 miles southeast of Osage, is believed to be the first man in this county, perhaps in this section of the state, to send a dog to the armed forces.

The dog's name is "Butch," a Doberman. He was sent to Davenport about 10 days ago and from there he was shipped to Fort Robinson, Nebr. From Nebraska, the owner has received the following letter:

"We are pleased to inform you that your dog named 'Butch,' breed Doberman, dogs for defense, Mo. Iowa 119, has arrived at this center and has joined other dog recruits in basic training.

"You will be further co-operating in the war effort if you will refrain from writing to this center or to the quartermaster general requesting information as to the welfare of your dog and the process of training.

"While the interest of each individual in his or her dog is a natural one, it is felt that you will readily appreciate the magnitude of the task furnishing information to the many thousands of donors. You may be assured that your dog is receiving the best of care and attention.

"Thanking you for your generosity and interest in furthering the war effort, I am, very truly yours. - W. E. Sessions, 1st lt., QMC."

Mr. Leman said that he had learned that the army wanted more dogs for training so he offered his and it was accepted. He was first sent a questionnaire for the dog, much like any soldier would get, only it confined itself more to the disposition, habits, breeding, and age of the dog. The dog is two years old.

Source: The Osage Press, Osage, Iowa, October 07, 1943