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USS Remey
Rear Admiral George Collier Remey




Launch USS Remey Sunday

The USS Remey, new United States destroyer named in honor of the late Rear Admiral George Collier Remey, USN former resident of Burlington, is scheduled to be launched at the Bath Iron works, Bath, Me., Sunday.

Admiral Remey was retired over 40 years ago and died in 1928.

As an officer of the old navy he had commands under fire in the war between the states; was in command of the naval base at Key West in the Spanish-American war, and was commander-in-chief of the U. S. squadrons in the far east during the insurrection in the Philippines and the Boxer war in China in 1900.

Angelica Gear Remey, Admiral Remey’s daughter, will sponsor the USS Remey and will christen her in the conventional manner by breaking a bottle of champagne over her bow as she slides down the ways into the water.

Children Attend

Admiral Remey’s other surviving children will also be present. They are Mrs. John W. Wadleigh, Jamestown, R. I.; Charles Mason Remey, Washington, D.C.; and Mr. and Mrs. John Perry Remey of New York City. Admiral Remey’s grandson, Lt. Com. John Remey Wadleigh, USB, and Mrs. Wadleigh, also are to be there. Another grandson, Ensign George Remey Wadleigh, USNR, is now on active duty in the Pacific war zone.

Word from Charles Mason Remey is that the Remey family will place a medallion portrait of Admiral Remey in bronze relief, aboard the ship, to be presented at the time she goes into commission.

Born Here

Admiral Remey, a native of this city, was the first rear admiral of the navy born west of the Mississippi river. His three brothers, Lt. Edward Wallace Remey, USN; Col. William Butler Remey, USMC, and John T. Remey were also born in Burlington.

John T. Remey lived his entire life here and for many years was president of the National State bank, the building now occupied by the Burlington Savings bank. The Remey home was at 817 N. Fifth street. The present municipal airport site, known as the Mason farm, was purchased from the Remey family by the city. The wife of Admiral Remey was the daughter of Judge Mason. The Mason family home on the southwest corner of Franklin and Fifth streets has been converted into an apartment house.

The bust of the admiral, presented by the family some years ago, is in the council chamber at the Burlington city hall.

Source: The Hawkeye Gazette, Burlington, Iowa, Thursday, July 24, 1943