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To Launch Ship On West Coast

Burlington, already very much in the army with its ordnance plant, and in the coast guard, with district headquarters here, not to mention hundreds of native sons in all branches of the armed services, is about to join the navy in a great big way.

A salt water frigate is to be named for the city, the USS Burlington.

Word of the honor to be bestowed upon the city was contained in a telegram to the Hawk-Eye Gazette at noon Monday from Congressman Thomas E. Martin.

The message reads, “The navy department has just announced that a frigate is being named for the city of Burlington and it will be called the USS Burlington. It will be launched at the plant of the Consolidated Steel company, Los Angeles, Calif.”


In defining a frigate, Burton A. Prugh, head of the local unit of the coast guard, said, “It is smaller than a destroyer and is used in anti-submarine work and convoy escort work.

“It is better than 300 feet long, somewhat larger than the British craft, the corvette. The boat carries the letters D-E (Destroyer Escort) and the number. This is indeed a great honor to Burlington.”

A new type of destroyer, the frigate has received a great deal of publicity recently, pictures of it appearing in many of the current magazines.

“It’s a signal honor,” commented Mayor Max A. Conrad when advised of the action of the navy department.

“I am happy that the city of Burlington will be given this recognition, and hope that the craft will distinguish itself, just as are other representatives of Burlington doing in all branches of the service.”

“Burlington has received a distinct honor from the navy,” said Maj. O. S. Reiley, chamber of commerce secretary. “All of us will wait with considerable interest for details of the launching and pray that the ship will distinguish herself in the service which so many of Burlington’s sons are serving.”

Source: The Hawk-Eye Gazette, Burlington, Iowa, Monday, August 09, 1943

Burlington Can Be Proud

The community generally is happy that petite and attractive Florence Conrad, wife of the city’s mayor, will sponsor the new USS Burlington when it is christened some time this fall at one of the nation’s busy shipbuilding yards.

Mrs. Conrad will be a charming and popular sponsor of this ship which all of Burlington, and Iowa as a whole, for that matter, will take pride. It is an outstanding recognition for a state, city of person to have its name borne by a naval craft. It is in complete good taste that the wife of the chief executive of this city should receive the honor to christen the USS Burlington.

Source: The Hawk-Eye Gazette, Burlington, Iowa, Monday, August 30, 1943

Here’s How USS Burlington Will Look

Pictured is the USS Chattanooga, navy frigate, launched early in August, the same type of naval vessel as the USS Burlington, to be launched at Los Angeles this fall, named after the city of Burlington. Mrs. Florence Conrad, wife of Mayor Max A. Conrad, will be the city’s official sponsor and will be accompanied to the ceremonies by her husband. (Official United States navy photograph.)

Source: The Hawk-Eye Gazette, Burlington, Iowa, Thursday, September 23, 1943