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Lt. Neale B. Wyatt



Mrs. Fern Wyatt, of LuVerne, received word through the Red Cross that her son Dudley is a prisoner of the Japanese in the Philippine Islands. Dudley was with the United States Navy, and was reported missing after the fall of Corregidor last May.

In May of last year, Mrs. Wyatt received word that Dudley was missing in action and the first communication she has had from the Navy department since that time was last week. The letter stated that Dudley Duane Wyatt, seaman first class, U. S. Navy, is being held prisoner of war in the Philippine Islands.

Wyatt enlisted in the Navy over five years ago. He has not been home for five years, and the last letter received from him was in January, 1942. Mrs. Wyatt has communicated with an information bureau, and she hopes to receive a reply giving a few details as to her son’s welfare.

Mrs. Wyatt has another son, Neale, who enlisted in the Army several months ago. He has been in the armored reconnaissance division, but has not been transferred to the Army air corps as an aviation cadet. He is stationed at Ft. Benning, Georgia.

Source: Humboldt Republican, March 19, 1943

Pvt. Neale Wyatt of Athens, West Virginia, arrived home Saturday for a short furlough at the home of his mother, Mrs. Fern Wyatt. He was granted a furlough at this time so he could be present at the memorial services for his brother, Dudley Wyatt, who died in a Japanese prison camp recently.

Source: Humboldt Republican, August 6, 1943

Lt. Neale B. Wyatt of Marianna, Fla., arrived here Thursday to spend a furlough at the home of his mother, Mrs. Fern Wyatt. His lady friend, Miss Barbara Haag, of Detroit, Michigan, is also visiting here at the Wyatt home. Winston Wyatt, A. E., of Farragut, Idaho, has been home on sick leave for several weeks and Mrs. Wyatt’s other son, Brayton Wyatt A. S., of Farragut, Idaho, is expected to arrive home on a furlough about July 10th.

Source: Humboldt Republican, July 7, 1944

Brayton Wyatt A.S. left Wednesday evening for Farragut, Idaho, after spending a furlough at the home of his mother, Mrs. Fern Wyatt. All three of the Wyatt brothers have spent furlough at their home in recent weeks. Lt. Neale B. Wyatt was here from Marianna, Fla., and Winston Wyatt A.S. returned to Farragut, Idaho, on July 15th after spending several weeks here on a sick leave.

Source: Humboldt Republican, July 28, 1944


Lt. Neale B. Wyatt, son of Mrs. Fern Wyatt of 501 4th avenue, No., Humboldt, and Barbara Virginia Haag, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Haag of Detroit, were wed in Detroit, Michigan, on March 13.

Lt. Wyatt is in the Air Corps stationed at Tallahassee, Fla., and expects to go overseas in the near future. He spent part of a fifteen-day leave with his mother and relatives in Hardy before going to Detroit for his marriage.

His wife is employed as secretary in governmental work in Detroit.

Source: Humboldt Republican, March 23, 1945