Sioux County

Laurence H. Wissink





Dear Editor and Friends: 1/26/44

It had been quite some time since I wrote you a letter so I feel that I should do so now. I should have written before, but as you all know out on the desert I really did not have time to write. Now we are back in a Fort and back on regular duty. I can find some time to write.

Am sorry to say that I did not come home on furlough, and to see you all and to thank all my friends for letters, cards, and packages I received. As you may remember I went to Dallas and was married to Miss Maybelle Dorothy Greer on the 10th of Jan.. and we spent my furlough around Dallas. We first planned on coming to Iowa, but we figured my furlough was too short and I was tired of riding the train for we came there on the 3rd of Jan. and the 8th I received my furlough papers. Some of you may wonder if my wife is up here. No. She is working in Virginia Curtain Factory and they have a governmental contract making army material so she could not leave and since we do not know how long we will be here. We thought it best for her to stay in Dallas.

When I came back here, I had a chance to meet my twin brother Laurence and brother Alfred. Laurence is stationed at Dover, Delaware, only 8 miles from here. He came here on Monday morning and I got a two-day pass and we went to Mitchell Field to see Alfred. Have not seen Alfred since Oct. 1941 and Laurence since Nov. ’42. It sure was a pleasure to see them again. We spent Monday night and all day Tuesday together. We are all within 115 miles from each other so we plan on meeting again some weekend. We could not find film for the camera so we could not take a picture to send up. This morning I had another surprise of my life. I walked in our day room and sat down for a class, I heard someone say “Hello, Wissink.” I looked around but didn’t notice who it was so he said it again, so that time I looked good and seen T/5 Andrew Vermeer get behind me. You know this world sure is small. Andrew was transferred over here and arrived yesterday. It sure has been full of surprises for me lately. ..........Sincerely Yours, Harvey L. Wissink.

Source: Sioux Center News, Thursday, February 3, 1944

1949 WWII Bonus Files

Laurence Harvey Wissink
Born: 13 Mar 1915
Date of Entry on extended active duty: 20 Feb 1943
Fort Crook, Nebr.
Date of discharge or separation: 22 Dec 1945
Date of departure to Foreign Service:  21 Apr 1944
Date of return from Foreign Service:  21 Nov 1945
2081 Aviation Engr.
337 Cobat Engr.