Marshall County

Clair Wilson



Iowans Enjoy Rest Period in Holland
(Photos included)

These photographs were taken in Holland while front-line troops of the 35th Infantry division were enjoying a rest period.  They were sent to The Register by First Lt. E. H. Zielasko, a former S.U.I. student, who writes that Iowans in Europe receive much pleasure from the pictorial reports of home towns in the rotogravure section, and adds:
“It occurred to me that the people in Iowa would be equally interested in a pictorial report of their sons, relatives and friends overseas . . .”

Pictures were taken by Signal Corps Photographer Armond R. Guinn, Los Angeles.

“Mrs. Delbert Wallentine of West Burlington and Mrs. Clair Wilson of Marshalltown should enjoy this photograph,” says Lieutenant Zielasko.  “Left to right are husbands Delbert and Clair . . . We hope 5-year-old Betty Louise and 1-year-old Mary Marlene Wallentine don’t ask their daddy to bring the dog back home with him.  The puppy belongs to a little Dutch girl.” 

Source: The DesMoines Sunday Register, May 6, 1945 (photo included)