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Pfc. George L. Williams


Pfc. George L. Williams

Pfc. George L. Williams, born Sept. 30, 1917. He was inducted into the Coast Artillery Nov. 4, 1936 at Ft. Des Moines, Iowa. He attended Ft. Lewis, Washington, Fort Jackson, S. C., Ft. Mills, Corregidor, and remained there until May 1942 when Corregidor fell to the Japs. He was one of the Death March to Bataan. He was in prison camp #1. Then transferred to Gentsiyi on the Island of Shikoku in Japan.
He is the son of Mrs. Lou Roach.


Pfc. George L. Williams, Burlington, a prisoner of the Japanese, is in good health, according to a card form him received by his mother. Mrs. H. R. Roach. He told his mother not to worry.

Word that he was a prisoner was received last March. George’s brother, Sgt. Bill Williams is also in service, on duty in the South Pacific area.

Mrs. Roach formerly lived at 258 S. Central avenue, but now makes her home in Mt. Pleasant. ~ Taken from local newspaper (photo included)

Source: Decatur County Auxiliary Scrapbook
Submission by Decatur County Historical Museum, Leon IA, Sara Rose Joan LeFleur, June of 2016