Woodbury County

Sgt. Lewis S. Weinberg




Sgt. Lewis S. Weinberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lipman Weinberg, 112 24th street, was one of the members of the Ninth armored division’s combat command A which barred entrance to the city of Luxembourg by the Germans for 10 days until the Fifth infantry division came to relieve them, he advised his parents. This group of men held its ground until word came through ordering them to move back to United States lines. Wearing German helmets and wrapped in blankets the dough-boys walked through German-held Beaufort, “heiled Hitler” when challenged by a sentry, reached their own lines in due time and fought some more. At present time Sgt. Weinberg is at a rest home in France, “waiting to take another poke at the Germans,” he says. His wife is the former Mildred Fowler of Elk Point, S.D. Sgt. Weinberg is in an operations unit of the headquarters company of the 19th tank battalion.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, August 2, 1945