Woodbury County

S/Sgt. Glen R. Vande Steeg





Two Sioux Cityans Reported Wounded in European Area

In a list of 30 Iowa soldiers described by the war department as wounded in action in three theaters of war were two Sioux Cityans, S. Sgt. Glen R. Vande Steeg and Sgt. William P. Lee. Both suffered their wounds in the European area.

The former is a son of First Class Petty Officer Harry C. Vande Steeg, who recently was reported as in the Pacific war area, and Mrs. Vande Steeg, 811 18th Street. He was awarded early this year the Silver Star for gallantry in action in Italy. He was graduated from Central High School in 1942. He is the winner of a sharp shooter’s medal for expert shooting.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, December 7, 1944