Sioux County

Pvt. Moss VanHolland




Pvt. Moss Van Holland Writes.

From Camp Hood, Texas—
Sioux Center News: Aug. 21, 1944

I received your first paper today and thought it was very prompt, and really appreciate it.

My brother, Gerrit J. Van Holland and his wife always told me it was a very good paper, and I hope to keep on receiving it regularly.

I am stationed here at South Camp Hood, Texas, and this is a very large camp. There are about 90,000 men here at the present time and it covers about 186,000 acres with rifle ranges and other field ranges included.

At the present I am in the anti-tank division, we have the 57 and 37 m.m. guns, and I like this company well.

As yet I have not met any men from Sioux Center. But would like to know if you have addresses of Sioux Center men here in this camp, so that I could look them up some time.

I have a wife and two children living in Rock Valley-Evalena Van Holland, a son Arthur and daughter Leona.

Pvt. Moss Van Holland

Co. D. 173rd Bn. 96 Regt.

So. Camp Hood, Texas

Source: Sioux Center News, August 31, 1944