Sioux County

Pvt. Moss VanHolland




Pvt. Moss Van Holland Writes.

From Camp Hood, Texas—
Sioux Center News: Aug. 21, 1944

I received your first paper today and thought it was very prompt, and really appreciate it.

My brother, Gerrit J. Van Holland and his wife always told me it was a very good paper, and I hope to keep on receiving it regularly.

I am stationed here at South Camp Hood, Texas, and this is a very large camp. There are about 90,000 men here at the present time and it covers about 186,000 acres with rifle ranges and other field ranges included.

At the present I am in the anti-tank division, we have the 57 and 37 m.m. guns, and I like this company well.

As yet I have not met any men from Sioux Center. But would like to know if you have addresses of Sioux Center men here in this camp, so that I could look them up some time.

I have a wife and two children living in Rock Valley-Evalena Van Holland, a son Arthur and daughter Leona.

Pvt. Moss Van Holland

Co. D. 173rd Bn. 96 Regt.

So. Camp Hood, Texas

Source: Sioux Center News, August 31, 1944

Moss Van Holland Transferred to Air Corps.

Pvt. Moss Van Holland writes that he has recently been transferred to Sheppard Field and that he is now in the Army Air Corps.  He had been in the Infantry until Tuesday, December 12.

He says that so far he likes it pretty well there, but doesn’t think he’ll be at Sheppard Field for more than two months.

Source: Rock Valley Bee, December 29, 1944