Woodbury County

James F. Thompson





Men and Women in Service

Benjamin W. Bastian, 33, husband of Lois R. Bastian, 1704 Villa Avenue, is one of eight Sioux Cityans who are receiving their initial naval indoctrination at the naval training station, Great Lakes, Ill. Their recruit training completed, the men will spend a period of leave at home. They also include; Joseph B. Russell, Jr. 30, husband of Margaret J. Russell, 1118 28th Street; William L. Bradbury, 31, husband of Helen L. Bradbury, 1528 Nicollet Street; Harold R. Johnson, 29, husband of Myrtle M. Johnson, Moville; Wilfred Maycock, 34, husband of Vivian L. Maycock, 3017 Grand Avenue; Byron R. Spindler, 24, husband of Rose L. Spindler, 311 W. 25th Street; Marvin S. Norberg, 34, husband of Eleanor E. Norberg, 1007 La Plante Street and James F. Thompson, 31, husband of Gertrude A. Thompson, 2423 Rebecca Street.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, April 27, 1944