Woodbury County

Lt. Donald G. Thompson




11-Star Service Flag Is Displayed In Home Here
Represents Husband, 4 Brothers, 6 Brother-In-Law of Woman

An 11-star service flag, representing her husband, four brothers and six brothers-in-law, is displayed at the home of Mrs. Alford W. Thompson, 812 W. Fourth Street.

Cpl. Alford Thompson, her husband, who made the framed flag, recently was inducted into the army at Fort Snelling, Minn., and is now stationed at Camp Robinson, Ark.

Mrs. Thompson’s four brothers in service are T. Sgt. Charles Murphy, Pvt. Daniel Murphy, Pfc. Edward Murphy and Seaman Reginald Murphy, all sons of Mrs. D. G. Thompson, 808 W. Fourth Street, and the late Ray Murphy, former radio station announcer.

The six brothers-in-law of Mrs. Thompson, now in service, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Thompson, 1122 W. Sixth Street, are Seaman Second Class Howard G. Thompson, Cpl. Robert J Thompson, Pvt. William P. Thompson, Pvt. Patrick Thompson, Cpl. James B. Thompson, and Lieut. Donald G. Thompson.

Seaman Howard G. Thompson is now taking advanced training at Treasure Island, San Francisco, Cal. His wife and four children live at 1922 Virginia Street. Prior to his entry into service, he worked with a construction company on Johnston and the Hawaiian islands for one and a half years.

Cpl. Robert J. Thompson has been in the army air force ground crew for one and a half years, and prior to that time saw national guard service. He is stationed at Ardmore, Okla. His wife lives at 121 ½ Perry Street.

Pvt. William P. Thompson is now stationed at Camp Campbell, Ky., after overseas service. He left with the National Guard unit for Camp Claiborne, La., and from there went to Ireland. He was in the Africa campaign and was wounded at Faid pass for which he received the Purple Heart medal. He returned to this country in January 1944. He recently married Miss Irene Nellems of Kentucky


Pvt. Patrick Thompson, serving with a tank destroyer unit at Fort George Meade, Md. took his basic training at Campo Hood, Texas.

Cpl. James B. Thompson of the Marine Corps engineering division has seen service on Guadalcanal, New Zealand and Tarawa, for which he received the presidential citation and more, recently has served on Saipan.

Lieut. Donald G. Thompson has been overseas for the second time. He left with the original National Guard unit for Camp Claiborne, La., in February 1941, and from there went to Ireland where he was selected to return to the United States for officer’s training school at Fort Benning, Ga. His wife is the mother of the four Murphy boys and Mrs. Alford Thompson.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, August 16, 1944