Howard County

George A. Sullivan

Iowa Honor Roll

Like the men pictured here on previous Sundays, these Iowans have given their lives for their country.  Each one was either killed in action or died in prison camp. The fourth line under each picture gives the area in which the man last served. The list will be continued in future weeks.

Source: The Des Moines Sunday Register, March 12, 1944 (photos included)

George Anthony Sullivan was born Jan. 19, 1922 to Frank and Margaret Elgas Sullivan. He died Nov. 13, 1942 and is memorialized in Calvary Cemetery, Elma, IA.

Petty Officer Sullivan served in World War II with the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Portland (DA-33) and was KIA in defense of his country in an action with a Japanese Naval Force in the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal.