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Seaman 2/c Craig Leo Strozdas



Sioux City Sailor Reported Missing in Naval Action

“Craig Leo Strozdas, seaman second class, is missing following action in the performance of his duty,” read the telegram received by his wife, Helen Ann Strozdas, 902 S. Alice street.

His parents Monday night said Seaman Strozdas had last been reported as being aboard the tanker, U.S.S. Neosha. The Neosha recently was reported sunk along with the U.S.S. Lexington in the Battle of the Coral Sea.

Born in Sioux City 19 years ago, Seaman Strozdas had been in the Navy for 22 months after receiving his training at the Great Lakes training station. He attended East high school.

Seaman Strozdas has a young son, Michael. He also has three grandparents living here, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Blackmore of South Sioux City, and Mrs. Anna Strozdas, 521 S. Irene street.

Source:  The Sioux City Journal, June 16, 1942

Missing in Action May, 1942
Strozdas Death Confirmed

Craig Leo Strozdas, 21, seaman second class, has been officially listed as dead after being reported as missing in action for more than a year, his wife, Mrs. Helen Ann Strozdas, 902 S. Alice street, has been informed in a letter from Frank Knox, Secretary of the Navy.

Strozdas was listed as missing on May 7, 1942, after the ship on which he was serving had been sunk as the result of enemy action.

“In accordance with public law 490, 77th Congress, your husband’s death is presumed to have occurred on the eighth day of May, 1943, which is the day following the day of expiration of an absence of 12 months,” Secretary Knox said in the letter.

“I extend to you my sincere sympathy in your great loss and hope you may find comfort in the knowledge that your husband gave his life for his country, upholding the highest traditions of the Navy. The Navy shares in your sense of bereavement and will feel the loss of his service,” he wrote.

Strozdas had resided in Sioux City all his life. He attended East high school and joined the Navy September 3, 1940.

Surviving are the widow, a son Michael; parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Strozdas, 2501 Washington avenue, and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Blackmore, South Sioux City, and Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Williams, 902 S. Alice street.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, June 19, 1943 (photo included)

Mrs. Strozdas Receives Purple Heart Award  

The purple heart, posthumously awarded, has been received by Mrs. Helen Ann Strozdas, almost two years after her husband, Craig Leo Strozdas, seaman second class, was killed in action off the coast of Australia.

Mrs. Strozdas and her son Michael live at 902 S. Alice street.  Seaman Strozdas’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Strozdas, former Sioux Cityans, now reside in Portland, Ore.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, April 27, 1944 (photo included)

National Archives & Records Administration
Navy Department Files

Seaman 2c Craig Leo Strozdas
Branch of Service: U.S. Navy
Hometown: Sioux City, Iowa
Status:  KIA

World War II
Missing in Action or Buried at Sea

Entered the Service From:  Iowa
Rank: Seaman Second Class
Service:  United States Navy
Died: Saturday, May 8, 1943
Memorialized at: Manila American Cemetery
Location: Fort Bonifacio, Manila, Philippines
Awards: Purple Heart
Missing in Action: May 7, 1942