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Sgt. Chester W. Snider




Sergeant Chester Snider Awarded Another Medal

Sergeant Chester W. Snider, whose home address is 1801 W. Fourth, evidently believes that if one award for achievement in action is good, then two are better for according to dispatches Tuesday from general headquarters of the army in the Pacific area, he has been awarded an air medal. On February 8, he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Sergeant Snider enlisted September 9, 1942, and trained for bomber service, hoping to be assigned as gunner. However, he was not heavy enough for gunner service, so he qualified as radio operator on bomber duty. Later he was placed in troop transport service.

The latest citation records that the medal is awarded for meritorious achievement while participating in sustained flight missions in the southwest Pacific. The operations consisted of dropping supplies and transporting troops to advanced position, involving flights at low altitudes over mountainous terrain under adverse flying conditions often necessity landing within a few miles of enemy bases.

Sergeant Snider is married and his wife at present is acting as postmaster at Fort Thompson, S.D. His mother, Mrs. Alice M. Snider, lives at 1801 W. Fourth Street. Before enlisting in the Army, Snider spent six months in the Aleutian Islands on commercial projects. He was a former pupil at East Junior High School.

Source: Sioux City Journal, March 8, 1944