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Sgt. Hio J. Simpson




5 sons of George E. and Mary Walterman Simpson served in the U.S. Army in World War II -- Webster City, Iowa.

Five Simpson brothers, sons of Mrs. Mary Richardson of this city, are serving in the army of the United States, although one, the youngest, Staff Sgt. Robert E., 21, is now listed as missing in action in Italy.

Three of the brothers have been in service for three years, two of them serving outside the United States. Robert, who was reported missing Oct. 18, while with the 34th infantry in Italy, left for service, with the Iowa National Guard from this city in February, 1941. He has been overseas since early in 1942.

With MacArthur: Sergeant Hio J. Simpson, 23, is a three-year-veteran and is now located with Mac Arthur’s forces in the Philippines, being among the first of the Yank troops to enter Leyte.

Sergeant Floyd H. Simpson, 28, is the other three-year serviceman, being located now at the engineer base depot at Granite City, Ill.

At Denver Hospital: Private George S. Simpson, 30, went into the army about a year ago and is now located at Fitzsimmons general hospital, Denver, Colo., where he is receiving medical training.

Last to enter service was Pvt. Marion Simpson, 27, who was inducted Nov. 28 at Fort Snelling, and is now taking his basic training. His new address has not yet been reported.

Source: Daily Freeman Journal, Webster City, IA - Dec. 18, 1944 (photo of the brothers included)


Sgt. Hio Simpson of this city was a member of a unit of the Fifth air force service command which landed in the Philippine islands two days after “D-day” and helped build the Tacloban air strip on Leyte, according to a dispatch received by the Freeman-Journal from Fifth air force headquarters in the Philippines. The unit remained dug in on the beach while undergoing Jap bombing and strafing raids but work was carried on despite the attacks and adverse weather conditions. Upon completion of the strip the troops began to service and maintain all aircraft in performance of their regular missions. Sergeant Simpson has been in service for three years and has been in the southwest Pacific for 32 months. He wears the Asiatic-Pacific ribbon with bronze stars for the Papuan and New Guinea campaigns and is a classification specialist with his unit.

Source: Daily Freeman Journal, Webster City, IA, January 20, 1945

Obituary: (excerpt)

Hio Joel ‘Bud’ Simpson was born Oct. 20, 1920 to George and Mary Walterman Simpson. He died Dec 16, 2016 and is buried in Graceland Cemetery, Webster City, IA.

Sgt. Simpson served with the U.S. Army Air Corps in World War II. He was awarded the Asiatic-Pacific ribbon with bronze stars for the Papuan and New Guinea campaigns and was a classification specialist with his unit, serving with the Fifth Air Force service command in the Philippine Islands.

Source: Hamilton County IAGenWeb Obituaries