Winneshiek County

Robert Q. Seegmiller



News About Men in Service From Over Northeast Iowa

Decorah—Out of a Pacific jungle comes a story of how a group of American fighting men, which included Robert Q. Seegmiller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Seegmiller of Decorah, created one of the luxuries of home from discarded scrap. From a landing barge, a water tank and two small pumps were garnered.  From other sources, pipes, fittings and other equipment were salvaged. On a 15-foot platform erected between coconut trees the tank was installed.  To it were attached the pipe and fittings. The pumps were bolted to heavy planks and slipped under the wheel of a jeep, which furnished the power by which water was pumped from a 10-foot well to the tank. Thereafter, it was easy to indulge in all the luxuries of a shower.

Source: Waterloo Daily Courier, April 23, 1944